Privacy policy

Turning Point, which is a part of Eastern Health in the USA, runs the Top Chem Supply Online Pharmacy. All health services in the United States and around the world must follow laws and rules that protect how personal information is used and shared. Privacy laws and standards for keeping your information safe are followed when drugs are sold online. We are committed to the highest standards of privacy protection for the people who use our services.

Getting information and keeping your privacy safe

Top Chem Supply Online does its best to follow the rules set out by the Office of the American Information Commissioner for federal and state government websites.

Information given through the Top Chem Supply Online website will follow the Information Privacy Principles, especially principles 1, 2, 3, 10, and 11.
Simply put, these are the rules:

Principle 1: It must be legal and fair to gather information.
Principle 2: Tell people why you’re collecting their information. Principle 3: Make sure the personal information you collect is accurate and doesn’t go too far.
Principle 10: Personal information can only be used for the reason it was collected.
Principle 11: Personal information should not be shared outside of the agency.
Your email address

Top Chem Supply Online will only keep track of your email address if you send us an email, place an order, or sign up for regular help and news about our products. Your email address will only be used for what you gave it to us for. Your email address won’t be added to any mailing lists unless you specifically ask for it to be done in writing first. We won’t use or share your email address for anything else unless you give us written permission first.

Questions, concerns, and more info

If you have any questions, concerns, or need more information about privacy and buying from Top Chem Supply, please feel free to contact us.